About Us

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We have faith in God the Blessed Trinity, and faith in Jesus Christ as the incarnate Son of God, and our Savior.

We have faith in the Church as the Body of Christ, proclaiming his Gospel, and doing the deeds of mercy and loving kindness.


We have faith in the Holy Bible as the Word of God, teaching everything we need to know for salvation.  

We have faith in the Sacraments of the Church as true means of grace, nourishing the souls of Godʻs people.

Stained Glass Window


We place great emphasis on deeds of love and mercy, but we seek to do these deeds in a spirit of prayer.  St. Anneʻs is a gathering place for prayer, and everyone can feel that Spirit.  It permeates our worship, and everything we do.

Worship here is "formal," which does not mean "stiff," but liturgical.  The form we follow is the liturgy provided in the Book of Common Prayer. 

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We host Mass Rite I and Mass Rite II in our two Sunday services at 8:00 and 10:15 a.m.

We provide outreach in the community, offering visitations and communion for those who are ill or hospitalized. 

Working with the CASA and Kairos programs offers opportunities to reach the hungry, less fortunate, homeless, and imprisoned.

Food Ministry:  Food Pantry 2 Mondays and 2 Wednesdays per month/ (canned & packaged foods & toiletries), and SAMMs  (fruits & vegs, baked goods, eggs &more) - each Mon. & Wed. 3:30 - 4:30 pm

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Established in 1958; 26 attendees to first Mass.

Built first parish buildings 1959-1962.

Outgrew those buildings, and parish buildings were constructed in 1985. Congregation numbered 264.

Parish mortgage was paid in full, 2003.

New mission, updated website and other social media, renewed spirit for the youth groups and Sunday school - all parts of continued growth!

Stained Glass Window


Rev. Richard A. Chandler, Jr, Rector

Rev. Cheryl Bakker, Deacon

Rev. Henry Brown, III, Deacon

David Jackson, Order of St. Lukeʻs

Jerry Barger, Sr. Warden

Bruce Augsburger, Jr. Warden

Don Marzec, Music Director

Edwina Reisig, Sexton

Linda Axelson, Assistant to the Rector
                          Communications Director
                          Digital Engagement Leader

Stained Glass Window


Our beautiful stained glass windows are featured as headers of the sections on this webpage.  For more information about them, contact stannescommunications@gmail.com

or better still, come and visit us to see them in person.  Weʻd love to give you a tour!