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Rev. Richard A. Chandler, Jr.
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Crystal River, FL

Guidelines to be Followed by St. Anne’s During the Coronavirus Pandemic


It is with great joy that I announce the reopening of St. Anne’s – Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, - can I get an Amen? While we all may be apprehensive about returning to Mass, please rest assured that many precautions have been implemented. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is - Attitude is important.


COVID-19 needs to be taken seriously, but we don’t need to live in fear. To the highest degree possible, we need to be proactive, rather than reactive to the coronavirus. At all times when gathering for worship or carrying out ministry within the Church during the pandemic, keep in mind how the coronavirus spreads and take appropriate precautions to guard against becoming infected or possibly infecting others.


I would stress, if people (to include the clergy) are not feeling well, running a fever, coughing, etc., or have been in contact with someone known to have the coronavirus (even if not showing symptoms), they should not attend Church, until they are well, or have completed self-quarantine. This is for their sake and everyone else’s.


Unfortunately, pre-recorded, or live-streamed services will not be possible without the purchase of additional necessary equipment for this ministry to continue. If you are interested in helping to fund this ministry, please contact Bert Henderson by phone at:  (352) 257-9340 or by email at:


Working closely with The Diocese of Central Florida, the Vestry of St. Anne’s asks that the following to be observed:


  1. Plan to park in the front parking lot

    1. Parish Hall and Offices will be closed.

  2. Plan to enter through the Sanctuary main front doors

    1. You will be greeted by an usher who will help direct you with seating.

    2. Hand sanitizer and face masks will be available.

    3. All other doors will remain locked for the time being.

  3. Please wear a mask

    1. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you by an usher.

    2. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering, and in each pew.


  1. Please use hand sanitizer:

    1. when you first arrive at Church, and

    2. again right before going up to receive communion.

  1. To cut down on potential cross contamination,

    1. Offerings may be placed in the offering plate as you enter the Nave. 

    2. Plates will not be passed by the ushers.

  2. Please always observe safe social distancing of at least 6 feet between individuals or family groups.

    1. Seating will be alternated to avoid potential cross contamination between one service and the other. 

    2. 8:00 service attendees will be seated in even numbered pews.

    3. 10:15 service attendees will be seated in the odd numbered pews. 

    4. All pews will be clearly marked as either 8:00 or 10:15.

  3. To cut down on potential cross contamination, all Prayer Books and Hymnals have been removed.

    1. If you have your own Book of Common Prayer you are encouraged to bring it.

    2. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or other media device, you may wish to download a free pdf of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. Contact Linda Axelson at if you need assistance with locating or downloading the pdf file.

    3. Limited, single-use service sheets will be available for those who do not have their own Book of Common Prayer

  4. Lectors may remove their masks while reading the lessons, provided they are at least 6 feet from anyone in front of them.

  5. The Gospel will be proclaimed from the front of the Church instead of the aisle, as is customary.

  6. To cut down on potential cross contamination, The Peace…

    1. has been moved to before the Invitation.

    2. will be shared by means other than personal physical contact.

    3. Handshakes and hugs are discouraged at this time.


  1.  During Communion

    1. Each row will be invited to receive communion (host only).

    2. Communion will be placed in the hand of the recipient, not on their tongue.

    3. Communion will be received while standing (not kneeling), at the head of the center aisle.

    4. It is important to maintain appropriate social distancing while people come up to receive communion.

  2.  Birthday and Anniversary Blessings will be done after Mass. For those requesting a
      blessing, please remain seated in the nave until clergy return.

  3. Congested areas must be avoided and social distancing maintained:

    1. upon entering or leaving the Church

    2. during Communion

    3. after Mass, please exit the Church beginning with the last row first.

  4. The Sanctuary will be cleaned between services.

  5. To cut down on potential cross contamination, The Baptismal Font has  been moved
     and emptied.

  6. There will be no coffee hours or other social gatherings at church during the time of the pandemic.

  7. In-person Sunday School and Youth Group meetings are suspended until the fall, at
     which time a determination will be made based on the status of COVID-19.  David
     Jackson will continue to offer Bible Study by Zoom, on Sundays at 3:00 pm.  You may
     request notification and a link to the Zoom meeting by contacting David at:


Everyone’s cooperation with these guidelines is greatly appreciated and needed, if we are to provide a safe environment for our parishioners and visitors to come and worship our Heavenly Father and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God bless each of us richly, as we gather in His name, and go forth offering ourselves as a channel of His love and mercy and healing grace during this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic.


Faithfully in Christ,


Fr. Rich+

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