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Vestry shall consist of not less than five (5) lay communicants
of the Parish who are qualified to vote at the Parish meeting. 

The current Wardens and Secretary are:

Jerry Barger, Senior Warden

Bruce Augsburger, Junior Warden

Linda Axelson, Vestry Secretary

The current vestry members are:

Bruce Augsburger, (2020-2022)

Jerry Barger, (2020-2022)
David Dees (2021)

Janine Dempsey, (2021-2023)

Barbara Hernandez (2021-2023)

Cathleen Moran (2021-2023)

Bobbie Zerbe (2019-2021)

Vestry Contact Information




What Does Vestry Do?

Vestry serves as the legislative authority for the parish and shall transact all of the temporal business of the parish. The primary responsibilities are the care of the parish finances & facilities including

      - Elect delegates to the Annual Diocesan Convention

      - Establish parish committees/task forces

      - Appoint representatives to the parish school board and/or
community boards 

      - Assists the Rector in the nurture & extension of Christ’s Church.

      - Legal standing of a Parish Vestry is drawn from 3 sources:

      - Constitution & Canons of the Episcopal Church,

      - Charter & Canons of the Diocese of Central Florida

      - Parish customs & published vestry policies. 


Vestry Norms