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Home/Hospital Visits

Our Rector, Deacons, and Licensed Eucharist Ministers are available to visit you in your residence or in a hospital setting.  Holy Eucharist can be celebrated with you  as well.

Pick Something
Up For You?

Need a few groceries or a prescription picked up?  Drop off your library books or pick up scheduled reserved books?  We can pick up and drop off small quantities of items like these.


Would you like to chat by phone?  Receive a card or note?  Get plugged into our ministries?  Get help with community services?  We stand ready to help where we can!

Borrow Something?

We have a small inventory of wheelchairs, rolling and non-rolling walkers, and canes.  If you would like to borrow these on a short term basis, submit your request below.

Need a Ride?

Do you need a ride to your doctor's appointment, or to the airport, or to the church?  We have a small bank of people who are willing to help you with these and other requests.

Christian Counseling?

By appointment, your Christian Counseling sessions are fully confidential.  By phone or even in person, let us know how we can be of service to you, with God's help.


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